Certified Organic

by James Moats

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The album came to be the way it should. I wrote songs for six months, spent a couple of weeks recording, and then a couple of months mixing and polishing. The title track, Certified Organic, sets the stage for the album. Don't think so hard about it. Don't try to cram it all into a week. Just write, and play, and it will come together.


released May 10, 2013

All words, music, and performances by James Moats


tags: rock Asheville


all rights reserved


The James Machine Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Certified Organic
I made up my mind today, it's on
I've been trying so long to impress upon
Just pick it up and put it down
then it is done - Now it's on
Don't think about it, just get to it
It's been there all along

It's unlimited
Your feelings always lead to
Something maybe mediocre
but it's something new
It's certified organic
All natural, no additives
It's healthy for you, dude
You've got to take care of you
Track Name: Dense Water
The dreams have begun to subside
In the waking hours, I'm dealing
Writing, playing, occupied
Not smoking, most days, I'm healing

How you make your own
way through this life
without a god to go to
Hope only floats in dense water

Adversity, even self-made
makes you stronger,
faster, and smarter
No, I meant crazy

I can't find the way back
to the way I felt that week
the way I felt that week
Stronger, smarter
no longer complacent
no more false contentment
Inspired, traveling
Out comes peace

Hey, now, James,
this one's on you
to make or break and watch
the feeble levy break
and wash away
these feelings
Track Name: The Colony
Calm down and face your feelings
Calm down and try to keep it real
Fall back and let instincts drive you
Fall back on your best laid plans

Around every corner is a nightmare
One foot forward is the only course

Hunt and gather, get through to the next day
Tomorrow's more of the same

The grid's down, the water's not flowing
Two hundred years back in time
Keep your heads and start organizing
All working from the same plan

Calm down, suppress your feelings
Step back and find your next meal
Track Name: We Just Can't
You can't claim a victory for your own
You can't take the time to see that you're wrong

I can slave over me
That came through from my heart
I can't bend over
I've got to feel it in my heart

You can't wait to get to see what is on
You can't find the time to sleep, so write on

I can't say no to
the mystery and the quiet part
Eye candy all over
I've got to feel it in my heart

I can't stop what's in front of me
Cotton candy, a false sense of fashion
I'm just saying what's in front of me
Call the stand-ins, where's my stand-in
Track Name: Shrug It Off
I'm having trouble taking this all in
With just how easy it's been
Maybe time has worn down the edges
But, I can still feel the rain

And now it's on
It's just a thought
There isn't any way
to shrug it off

You've got me questioning all these decisions
What I thought was a win
I'm waiting for the realization
of just how foolish I've been

You know that time
effs with your mind
You've got to fight through it
or maybe that's pride
Track Name: Leaving Graceland
There has been a lot of talk of a reunion tour
and I'm not sure how I feel about it
Am I setting myself up for disappointment?
Can we keep the band together now?

I should know better than to think going back
will ever take you forward
You never know, though,
maybe this time we need an optimistic light

We've tried it once or twice in a past life
It should be apparent how that worked out
Maybe time has made us compatible
Maybe old age has turned the heat down

Sometimes I think it all is a gamble
You play your cards right, you come back tomorrow night
and get to play a second hand
Maybe it's just a roll of the dice

There's been a lot of time since the last go
I wonder if we'll remember all the old songs
I had better bring my A game
or else I fear it's all for nothing

and not for trying I don't want to get up
and forget my lines, makes for a terrible night
I've been there plenty and don't care to go back
It sticks with you and fills you full of doubt
Track Name: Lucky I Am
Another sketch, an exercise
A photograph, moment in time
You read, you write, philosophize
Another sketch, moment in time

You try again to cauterize
to stop the flow, keep it inside
You can't avoid the little lies
The sacrifice, to cauterize

Whether I applaud you
falls on things I need to work through
But all in all, I can't believe
how lucky I am

So, suck it up, you little man,
it may not come this way again
If stars align, it's better than
you realize, just get your hands dirty

All week, I have tried to
stay focused on the task and get through
these silly songs
remembering how lucky I am
Track Name: Climb Down
You're keen to run around
Take time to dream
Reality confronted
Missed you again

You leave the runaround
Faulty, inane
Just stand and wait around
Your life, a game

You won't get it sooner than later
You can't stand in a vacuum and wait
Just wait for the outcome and save it
It's all prime time programming

Climb down off the TV

Don't tempt the fate or your feelings
Just set a date
You can't see the forest, baby
Afraid of pain

You won't get it sooner than later
You can't stand in a vacuum and wait
Just wait for the outcome and save it
It's all prime time programming

You don't know the show's overrated
Gonna sack out and wait around
You won't get it sooner than later
It's all prime time programming

Climb down off the TV
Climb down off your TV
Track Name: You Can Bass!
Track Name: Radio Silence
I wrote you a text then deleted it
Some things are better left unsaid
It may have made a difference
More likely, you would have shaken your head

I then wrote an e-mail I never sent
I only told you later that
I anguished for hours and deleted it
It may have saved me embarrassment

I wrote you a song and recorded it
I just thought that you'd like to know
that I haven't given up, but I kind of had to
just enough to stop being sad

I then wrote an album and recorded it
The tense is wrong on that statement
I'll let you know in a few weeks
How I'm feeling and how it went