Feel No Pain

by The James Machine

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Recorded mostly in the fashion of Sour Grapes, I took a week off from work and spent those days writing and recording Feel No Pain. The working title was originally Melvin's Helmet, as the idea bits that I was starting with were lower tempo, drop D, hard driving songs inspired by the Melvins' and Helmet's brand of heavy. Once recording was complete, I dropped this title, because there was really no Melvins sound to be heard, but if you listen past the vocal harmonies, hand claps, and tambourines, you will hear the Helmet influence.


released November 21, 2010


tags: rock Asheville


all rights reserved


The James Machine Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: For Your Honor
Calling all the usuals
to play their stated roles
without the fear and doubt
we'll try holding open minds closed

Come, now start flailing in the dark
Hold out your hands and feel around
for something to hang your hat on

Looks like it's gonna be a long one
if this is a sign of things yet to come

It's only for your honor

I'm ready to start another one
The exercise of plotting, planning a beating
Planning to take them all out

Pulling a fast one
Call it a sucker punch
or whatever
Track Name: Royal Intercom
"The interoffice intercom is not for just anyone's
entertaining back and forth",
the tinny voice of the monarch crackled,
"That's not what it is for."

We're taking our toys and going home
Good luck with the rest of your time here

Learn how to address the crowd
These peasants didn't vote for a monarch
Now there's no one
to talk to on the intercom

You're just a man alone
Again alone
One man band alone

The interoffice intercom
stands silent at attention now,
awaits communication
but there's nothing and no one to order around

A bittersweet victory - The royal intercom
A petty little man's defeat - The royal intercom
Track Name: Don't Stand Out
Go through the motions
Try to be a good human
Don't stand out

Don't speak of your relapse
Don't tell them your deepest thoughts
They won't get the concept

Don't bother
Dumb it down

Don't stand out

Don't stand out
Dumb it down
Track Name: Feel No Pain
Guilty feelings fill me, advancing
It's killing me

I left them by the road

When the last one fell, I turned and ran

Guilty relief washed over me
It hurts to breathe

They just won't stay down
They feel no pain, no

Get to some place locked away
and live to fight another day

Barricade windows
and doors and pray

I left them by the road
There are hundreds by the road

Forgive me, forgive me

They just won't stay down
and feel no pain
No way to get away,
it all feels hopeless
Track Name: Stimulus U.
You can't stop this in a voting booth
You can't stop this stimulus coup

Just stop denying your satellites
control the minds of your erudites
programmed to study, staying up all night

Ignore the signals scrambling your mind
Fight the urges and stabilize
Drop some classes, free up some time
for your life

Follow the others in the breadlines
Reconcile poverty and time
Unemployment and credit lines

Go get your papers and hang them high
Grab the others and form a line
Change this outdated party line

You can't stop this on cable news
You can't give them another excuse
Track Name: Local Radio
Bring on the lo-cal radio
DJ to fire up the crowd
adding to the spectacle
of this circus side show

You've got a clever live show
just like all your videos

Lo-cal radio

Bring on the lo-cal radio
bitch to fire up the crowd
and remind us of the sponsor spots
for crap beer and their calendar girls

Turn off the lo-cal radio
tune in to a talk show

Public radio
Track Name: In Shadows
And all the parks
close at dark
when shadows

The latter long in the former

What resides deep in the cover of shadows?
Something evil planning its next move

There must be something I'm missing,
help me out

The laws are there
to protect you from yourself
It's true

Don't be afraid of evil doers,
the laws are aimed at you

Something evil planning its next move
The laws are there to protect you from yourself

and you from you
and you from you
Track Name: The Life Of The Mind
The life of the mind, as they say
is a lonesome place to be
Day to day, reinventing honesty

Gotta write this down before it goes
Don't let the trail go cold
Don't take it for granted
not all the seeds that were planted will grow

The life of the mind, to this day
brings us little luxury
The rewards, the benefits are not rewarding

Gotta write this down before it goes
Don't let the trail go cold
Don't take it for granted
Not all the seeds that were planted will grow
Track Name: The Last Day
I woke up this morning
and set the clocks back one

Another hour will help me finish up
Another day would not have hurt the cause

Put on some coffee,
strapped the headphones on

Then came the last day,
it's go time, it's crunch time

The last three are ready,
it's time to test myself

It doesn't matter what you do or say,
no one's gonna notice anyway

There went the last day
It's dark at six, it's time to start mixing
Track Name: Stowaway
A stowaway
in the ventilation system

I've got the heat on,
I hope you're comfortable

Gonna have to chase you out

This can't be healthy
It's kind of creepy
Who knows what that thing is
or what the hell it's doing in there

I tried to gas it out
Just gassed myself instead
Gotta wonder what's wrong with my brain

I've got some better things to do
than crawling under
in the crawlspace
it's like spelunking, but not
Insulation, see-through crickets,
it sucks
Your lucky break
I guess you're safe for now

Gotta try to run it off
Gotta try to close up all the gaps
Hope I don't see its rabid little face

It's gonna suck I just know it
It's gonna suck I can feel it

A stowaway
in the ventilation system
Track Name: Carry On
Reflecting on the distant
and more recent past
Decisions that were made
the path I tried to take

Going through the manifest
It's buried in the cargo
Regret is a heavy payload
Decide it's time to offload
and carry on

The route that I planned was all wrong
I've lost my way again
It's all gone wrong
I should have found a better way home

Examining this instant
I see the train of thought
It's where I go when desperate

The quickest way to feeling anything
Sorting through the cargo
and find a case of painful, shameful,
hoist it up and carry on

Two in three doctors agree
that this is crazy

Let's agree to leave it be
TNT will only cause
structural walls to fall