by James Mosheen

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Recorded late in 1999 (then remixed in 2005) some songs were new, some were old. All songs are drum mosheen recordings. This was my first attempt at sitting down and making an album. Over the course of five days. A valiant effort if I do say so myself.

Features Dan Taylor on bass in track 5.


released December 1, 1999


tags: rock Asheville


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The James Machine Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Graphic and Vague
i could lie here and watch you sleep
and monitor your breathing
for fear that you might slip away
forever dreaming of you

what has this poor guy got to give
he's one of very few affected
he's taking pictures of everything
reality he neglected

i'm glad were here
my home away from home
i recognize the smell
but hate the way i felt
when i opened the door
to the same walls and floor
i guess i packed it all away and decided to
run away

cry freedom cry could play all night
it could play eternally
all that i need is in sight
things are pretty good these days

i could lie here all night and never find sleep
how graphic and vague
this late buzz can be
i guess i'll give in
and find my way back to bed
Track Name: Kentucky
i had myself a car wreck
and caused us all a traffic jam
i could have moved on
if it weren't for the jam i was in

who would have thought
that a glance could change
an opinion that's not
stranded in kentucky
of all places

staring at kentucky through
the armor all glare on the glass

this is not my home
it might taste the same
it might rain the same gray
as i ease into the left lane

there is nothing here for me
and there is only one way
there's a lot of countryside
in a swirling blur passing by

staring at kentucky through
the armor all glare on the glass
Track Name: Carnival
this silence is killing me
it's driving me crazy
let's talk about nothing at all
sometimes life feels like a day

at a carnival
where the rides are held together
with rubber bands
and the drivers of
the bumper cars are covered in
shaving cream
sunglasses chain wallet
everything you need to be
a carnie

let's talk seriously
i want to know your thoughts about anything
i wish that you would talk to me
with the laughter in the distance
you can tell neil diamond is in town
how could he ever stay away
from such a culturally diverse place

which side of the social reef
do you think they would be
secure on shore or floating out to sea
and where would the carnies be
Track Name: Burden Tree
i'm on top of the world
look at all i can see
and i'm king of it all
from the top of this tree
there was never a doubt
that i could fly this high
and i'll never forget
this moment in time
as long as i'm alive

i've sandbagged my windows
to hold back the water
that wreaks and tastes like chlorine
it burned out my eyeballs
and pulled out my lymph nodes
and stabbed me right in the spleen

and now i can't see what i'm getting into
because it's too foggy to see what i'm driving into
my guidelines are chalk lines that the water washed away
and i'm probably blind for the rest of the way
Track Name: Wax Moth
fish are swimming and trends are spinning
in my head there's no end to it
life is too short to miss the excitement
and watch it all fade away

just wait and see what becomes of me

inside people love to stare at you
falling clumsily around
inside people would love to share with you
if only you were inside

back home people are cloudy opaque dark and thick
back home people have faded
what have i seen in the chlorine dream

the light is burning wearing down wearing down
humanity's learning to burn it down burn it down

fish are floating and twins are sinning
in my head theres no end to it

just wait and see who depends on me

yesterday was full of reruns
i think i've seen this one before
stand up like erector
tear it down run it down

tonight you remind me of mean old black beard
pillaging my soul
i'll stand my ground if the ship goes down

fish are living and friends are giving
in my head theres no end to it

just wait and see don't ever question me
Track Name: Visitors
i've got visitors coming by my house tonight
and i came prepared to sell myself tonight
bring your friends we'll have a beer

did you notice i'm talking to myself
for a lack of conversation
in your backwoods high school world

we've got a visitor coming out of the rain
and he came prepared to share his pain
don't be afraid to spill some soul

did you hear him talking to the ladies
there are no ladies here
but there's admiration a form of applause
and it smiles in the smoky air

are you expecting visitors
it only takes a brew to herd them through
and now i know that i've been here before
it's coming round again

did you notice i'm talking to myself
for a lack of conversation
you're so fucking cool now that you're in school
what's your major
Track Name: Riddle Me This
you should be glad that there's no response to be had
i know you wouldn't like what you've got coming

i'll tell you all about the things that you want to know
i know you'll never like what you've got coming

you're trapped and left alone here with everyone i know

you should be glad that there's no pride to be had
i know you wouldn't like what you've got coming

you're trapped and left alone here with everyone i know

you should be glad that there's no answers to be had
i know you wouldn't like the ones you've got coming

you see it's only me i'm the one without answers
you know i never liked the ones i had
Track Name: I.T.I.G.A.M.Y.
you and i deny
that i can't see straight
to light the candle
hold the match far away

it will never burn down completely
it reuses itself again

when i look into your eyes
i don't see you cry
even though i know
you do deep inside

you will never waste away
if you remember to look inside
Track Name: Bleeding Hole
i've got a million holes inside my head
and every one is bleeding
sometimes i feel that i'd be better off dead
flip the page or rip it out and keep on reading

my life is flying away from me
closer and closer
too blurry cant see

i found another hole inside my head
this one is no longer bleeding
sometimes i wonder what it's like to be dead
others i don't even wonder

my life is flying away with me
closer and closer
to what i can't see
Track Name: Bubble Theme
when you break a whole town down
into concrete streets and plastered walls
a few trees in pretty places
there's a feeling in the air

bricks in bunches bridges and bums
silence is hard to come by
transit buses and thumping bass
and these dogs will bark at most anything

this spells mostly stress for a host of most folks

but it's nothing to me for good company
and conversation in a room that i choose
i don't ask for much i know that's you too

this is our bubble theme
ego knock it down for all to see
and never need to say goodbye to
and never need to ever need to

need to cry for what we're lacking
things can come and shake around
at a pace that spells only grace to me

when you take a look around
at valued things and wedding rings
a few trees and picket fences
i know there's a dream for me

but it's based upon simplicity
maybe a little security
because it's cold outside the bubble where i reside

a lack of company is what has been ailing me
that's what they tell me